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The Church of America
Address: 1982 Vienna Ave. Dept 700
Deltona, Florida


The Church of America was formed to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the New World and to provide spiritual nourishment and faith-building fellowship for faithful Christians everywhere in America.

We felt strongly that God was calling us to return to Biblical authenticity and to reintroduce America to God's word and the Bible's design for His Church. We formed the Church of America with reigniting a New Reformation in mind and a return to the purity of God's design for the Church.  We saw how the existing European Churches that came to America have fallen and are now openly accepting and teaching apostasy and error.  We also saw how the most faithful within those Churches were persecuted by those who shunned the scriptural example of what Church should be and we saw how they struggled until leaving was their only choice.  We sympathize with them and we pray for them and we encourage them to seek strength and wisdom in the Holy Scriptures.

We believe that only when the Church in America returns to God, will God return to America and bless those who live within her shores.  We have taken up the calling to begin anew and without regard to the past or the old world ways, and we desire to seek God in the way that the Bible tells us God wants us to seek him. 

We see that the old Churches have strayed so far from God's path to righteousness and salvation, that they are hopelessly lost in the weeds and briars that the Devil has planted for them. We see the Holy Scripture as the only way to bring us back to God and His way, and His path, and His Kingdom.

Therefore we have endeavored to rebuild His Church in the New World not from the ashes of the old, but out of New whole cloth with New determination and New vigor to be the Church that God's word has instructed us to be.

We hope that you too will join with us in this great mission of worshiping the Lord and building His Church with faithfulness and fidelity to God's Holy Scriptures all across America, one American at a time.

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