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The Church of America
Address: 1982 Vienna Ave. Dept 700
Deltona, Florida

What we believe

Formed on Thanksgiving day 2008, the Church of America is a non-denominational Bible church for Americans. Our church is genuinely different in some very interesting ways.  But first lets discover why this church is so different. 

We believe that the Bible is the only authentic source of Christian doctrine and that Jesus Christ is the living head of His Church and that we as Christians who are the body of His Church, must remain faithful and true to the letter of His words with regard to the design and mission and governance of His Church. Therefore we disregard any and all beliefs, traditions, and teachings of other Christ-claiming religious organizations where an express Biblical example or instruction does not exist.  In those few areas where the Bible does not speak regarding a matter, the Church adopts a conservative position that is the most harmonious with the full body of scripture and does not violate the spirit of its intent.

First, our church is truly non-denominational, that means it is not an offshoot of one of the old 'mainline' churches that have their roots in Europe and subsequently imported to America with the European settlers. The Church of America is modern, vibrant, and uniquely American, but at the same time it is authentically Christian and Biblically governed and what we teach comes straight out of the Bible.  

Second, the Church of America has no doctrine other than the Bible itself. This means that we don't add any new doctrines or traditions, and we don't accept any old doctrines or traditions that don't appear in the Bible. Rather we do our best to understand and follow the pure examples given to us by Jesus Christ, the Apostles and the faithful New Testament churches they oversaw. 

Third,  we honor and keep the seventh day Sabbath because that is what the Bible teaches us that Jesus and the Apostles did.  We also honor and keep the Christian Passover and the other holy days appointed by God.

Fourth,  we practice water baptism for believers twelve years and older through immersion in a natural flowing spring or river just as John the Baptist did.

Fifth, we partake of the Sacraments using real wine and unleavened bread (matzo). We provide the Sacrament to those parishioners and their guests who are 12 years and older, (parents may share their Sacrament meal with younger children if they wish).

Sixth, we practice the washing of feet as the first century church did.  Foot washing is a way of maintaining ones spiritual cleanness after baptism. 

Seventh, we practice biblical stewardship of the church through tithes, giving, and benevolence of the time and wealth that God has blessed each of us with for His glory. We believe that God blesses us and returns to us double every minute of time and every penny of wealth that we give for the benefit of His church and His gospel.

Church doctrine:

The Church of America has no doctrine other than the Bible. This means that we don't add any new doctrines or traditions, and we don't accept any old doctrines or traditions that don't appear in the Bible. Rather we do our best to understand and follow the pure examples given to us by Jesus Christ, and the Apostles and the New Testament churches they oversaw. 



We often include music and singing as part of our services.


Wine, beer, cider and spirits, tea, tobacco, and cannabis:

The church does not prohibit nor endorse the use of these products where legal to do so, except the scriptures do endorse the occasional drinking of wine in moderation. (beer and cider would also fall into this category of fermented, but not distilled, drinks).  Distilled spirits (liquor) are designed mainly for intoxication which the scriptures forbids except for medicinal purposes.  Tea, coffee, tobacco and cannabis are natural herbs and the scriptures do not forbid their use as food. The smoking of these herbs (where legal) is not prohibited or endorsed, except they may be used for medicinal purposes but we should not to use any product solely for its intoxicating effects.  Those who have a habit or addiction to these products are welcome to attend our services.  The Church does not endorse the abuse of dangerous illegal drugs.

Sodomy, "homosexuality", Same sex marriage, civil unions, etc:

The scriptures are clear that sodomy (same sex copulation) is a sin that falls into the category of abomination.  The Church must not endorse or ignore unrepentant sin in its fellowship or clergy.  Those who insist that sodomy is not a sin and continue to practice it, are anathema to the Church and are considered worshipers of another religion and another god. They must convert before they can be called fellow believers.  As with any sinful activity, a person must first confess and repent of their sin, be baptized, and then they are welcome to join us in fellowship and worship. As with any sin, they must continue in repentance and confession to remain in fellowship with the believers.  In keeping with this doctrine of our faith and religion, the Church will not perform, endorse, consecrate, or bless same sex marriages, civil unions, or domestic partnerships or other same sex arrangements.


The Sabbath:

All Christian believers should remember to refrain from doing any work on the Sabbath day of rest and devote the day to holiness and prayer and worship as written in the Ten Commandments.  Saturday is the seventh day of the week and it is the true Sabbath.  The biblical Sabbath begins on Friday evening at sunset and continues until sunset on Saturday.  Those who attend church on Sunday should still honor the Commandment of God to rest on the seventh day and to keep it holy. 


Heaven and Hell:

The popular concepts of Heaven and Hell are erroneous distortions of scripture.  "Hell" (as taught in the bible) doesn't exist as a place of fiery torment inhabited by devils with pitchforks.  "Hell" is simply the grave or tomb where the body rots and decays in the ground and the dead simply cease to exist and have no thoughts or dreams until the resurrection day.  Heaven is not in the sky where the clouds are as often depicted in popular art and culture, it is space, the abode of God and exists out there.  Contrary to popular belief, the bible teaches that the saved are not going to spend eternity in "Heaven";  Our trip to Heaven will be a temporary one, after which we will be returned the New Earth (after all wickedness has been destroyed) and live in God's Kingdom (on Earth) forever.


The Trinity:

Another popular but erroneous concept is the Trinity, where The Father, Jesus, and the holy spirit are three persons, but one God.  We don't accept that the holy spirit is a person or a god, only the Father, and the Son (Jesus) are divine.  The bible tells us that the holy spirit emanates from the Father and the Son to the believers.


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